Patrick Lucchese: Helping Families Overcome Poverty

Patrick Lucchese: Helping Families Overcome Poverty

Poverty is a global issue that affects millions of people, and it is a problem that is especially prevalent in developing countries. The good news is that there are people who are working to help families overcome poverty, and one of those people is Patrick Lucchese.

While the number of people living in extreme poverty in Brazil has fallen to its lowest levels since 1980, more than 7 million residents are still living in poverty, many of who go hungry at night. Conditions in the 1,000 known favelas throughout the country can be exceptionally difficult.

In Rio, favelas can make up as much of a quarter of the population, many of which lack necessities such as access to drinkable water and working sewage systems.

Urban Advisors founder Patrick Lucchese helps entrepreneurs, often those who started poor themselves, to build their companies and take them public. But he may best be remembered for his charitable work, donating money and time to organizations that serve some of the poorest residents in the country.

Patrick Lucchese currently sponsors 20 families in the Port Alegre in the Vila dos Papeleiros neighborhood of Porto Alegre, which provides food all year long. You will often find Patrick Lucchese in Port Alegre at the end of the month when families arrive to pick up their food.

Families going hungry is a significant problem in Brazil. One recent study showed that as many as half of the country’s residents do not have enough to eat, nearly 100 million people every day. Researchers say the number of people in Brazil that are facing severe food insecurity nearly doubled between 2018 and 2020, and that was before the pandemic escalated the situation. Much of the food available for families living in poverty is unhealthy and does not provide the nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

Lucchese also distributes hundreds of blankets to residents each year. Those living there use the blankets for warmth in the winter and then often sell the blankets when it gets warmer to make money to help provide for basic needs.

His business, Urban Advisors, works with companies to help them grow, create jobs, and allow families to make a living. He believes it takes a concerted effort by companies, organizations, and individuals to build wealth and help lift families out of poverty.

After volunteering and spending time with families in need, Patrick Lucchese said he realized how blessed he was to have the education he got that afforded him the success he’s achieved. He said many families living in poverty never have the opportunity to get an education or provide for the families.

Much of his beliefs came from his father, a well-known heart surgeon. Now serving as the hospital director in Port Alegre, Patrick Lucchesse’s father performed social work at nonprofit hospitals and did many surgeries for free.

Poverty is a complex issue that affects millions of families, but it is an issue that can be addressed with the right approach. Patrick Lucchese is working to help families overcome poverty by providing support and resources. Lucchese says we all have a responsibility to help others and lift families out of poverty.