Using the Relish App to Improve Your Listening Skills for a Better Relationship

Using the Relish App to Improve Your Listening Skills for a Better Relationship

Listening is perhaps one of the most underrated skills on the planet today. Some might even call it a lost art. It is one, though, that every person involved in a relationship needs to learn, cultivate, and ultimately master.

Why is Listening So Important in Relationships?

One of the biggest complaints people have about their partners is that they feel their partner doesn’t listen to them. By not listening to what your partner is saying and seeking to hear the underlying message, it can leave your partner feeling unheard, unvalued, and insignificant.

The problem is these are messages you’d never consciously send to your partner. You love your spouse. You want your spouse to feel wanted, secure, and happy in your relationship. You even care about the things your partner is saying to you. You just have two thousand other things going through your mind at any given moment and sometimes forget to listen. Or worse, you only half-listen to what your partner is saying.

Active Listening Skills You Can Use with Your Partner

Show your partner that you are interested and that what he or she has to say matters to you by developing a few key active listening skills, like those listed below.

  1. Reflection. This is when you repeat what your partner is saying in your own words to let your partner know that you’re listening. This also reveals miscommunications so you can make sure you’re both on the same page.
  2. Summarizing. Very similar to reflecting, summarizing what your partner says to you is another way of letting your partner feel heard and showing your partner that you are trying to see things from his or her perspective.
  3. Small encouragements. Sometimes it is as simple as a nod or an assent that you are listening to what your partner is saying even if you are unable to provide lengthier feedback.
  4. Body language. Perhaps the most telling of all is body language. The way you hold yourself during a conversation tells your partner if you are actively listening, paying minimal attention, or if your attention is focused, entirely, elsewhere.

How Can an App Help You Listen More Effectively?

Effective listening is a skill. One that sometimes takes quite a bit of practice to master. The Relish App is the number one relationship training app for a reason. It works. You can see for yourself how well it can help you improve your listening skills, and many others, with a FREE trial of our exclusive relationship training, lessons, exercises, coaching, and insights.